Step 1: Test Yourself 自测

  Start by testing your current reading rate. This is done through a simple formula. Use a timer with a second hand to read a piece of material. Once you have completed the reading and have your time, take the whole number and multiply it by 60, then add any seconds to that number. Next, divide the total seconds into the number of words read.

  Round this number and you have your words per second total; multiply that number by 60 and there you have your words per minute total.


  Step 2: Scanning 浏览

  Not every word is important to understanding, so train your eyes to read groups of words. Ignore articles and words like, "the", "a", and, "or". Focus on the action words or verbs. Practice quickly scanning groups or chucks of words.


  Step 3: Subvocalization 默读

  I bet you don't even know it, but you probably subvocalize or quietly pronounce every word you read. Don't worry, you're not alone...almost everyone does it. Concentrate by keeping your mouth shut.


  Step 4: Use Your Hand 使用你的手

  Start by pointing your index finger and running it along each line of text. When your finger comes to the end of a line pick up your finger half an inch then quickly bring it back down to the next line. Even if your teachers told you NOT to read like this, it will keep you focused.


  Step 5: Regression 回读

  Regression is when you go back and read a line you've already read. To break this habit, simply take a piece of paper and drag it down over the page as you read, covering each line you've just read. Pens are also great tools to train your eyes not to look back.


  Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect 熟能生巧

  Speed reading is not like riding a bike; you NEED to practice, otherwise you will go back to the habits you developed when you first learned to read. Time yourself often to see what your improvements are.







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